Ronald Noble , Corruption and Lalit Modi

ronald k noble Vimeo - The former director of Interpol, Ronald Noble is attached to a number of scandals that have come out since he left his posting. Noble has accepted a bribe from FIFA by means of a donation to Interpol, along with support the the execution of potentially innocent men charged with terrorism. Noble is also involved with some corrupt officials in India most notably Lalit Modi.

This video is raising some questions regarding the connection between Noble and Modi. However, the data of Noble's connection to criminals beyond Modi is very prevalent. Indeed, many are making the connection between Noble and figures like Belarus's Dictator Alex Lukashenko and FIFA official Sepp Blatter. Indeed, the apparent extend of Ronald Noble's corruption is all the more tragic and rousing due to his longtime reputation as a possible enforcer of law and keeper of justice by using an international scale. The shame this may cause is clearly inadequate for Noble to stop his scandalous activities, but alternatively must encourage him to get the company of those that can fill his pockets. For the makers of this video, it's clear that something must be done.

I may you should be an observer, but you can find people out there with real influence who can ask the same questions that I am asking. People like journalists, politicians, as well as the current INTERPOL Secretary General! We have to be pushing these people to bring men like Ronald Noble down - men like Noble, Sepp Blatter, Lalit Modi. All of them. Corruption needs to stop also it needs to stop now.

It boils down to Ronald Noble: the leader with the pack. As a man by having an incredible amount of power, both official and unofficial, Ronald Noble and the corruption must be suppressed. Ronald Noble has no right to abuse his former post towards the detriment of society.

Would you also want to stop Ronald Noble?

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12/11/2015 12:45:19

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